Let your air cylinders breathe

Anyone at least slightly involved in pneumatics should be aware of how important properly prepared air is important. Air preparation is a crucial for any system using devices operated by compressed air. Thanks to clean air equipment can operate for long periods of time without corrosion, damages and leakage.

On the other side ignoring, or not paying enough attention to those requirements can lead to serious damages. And serious damages in the end always leads to high economical costs.

Damage from the sky

While it might seem abstract, or at least exaggerated truth is that compressed air can be hazardous. Key word here is compressed. When air is compressed everything that is in it is also compressed.


That means dirt, dust, microscopic bits of proteins as well as water and various aerosols. All those elements when tightly packed together do create viscous, acidic liquid called condensate, which can be really deadly to pneumatic devices. It contributes a lot to creation of rust, which is at the end main cause of micro holes. Micro holes causes pressure drops in the system, which at the end causes all sort of other problems. Dropping pressure can cause other elements to malfunction and so on.

How to defend against invisible enemy?

One word – prevention. To avoid problems caused by bad and dangerous liquids in pneumatic system it it best not to let it happen at the first place. This can be achieved by using another type of devices before your pneumatic cylinders, namely filters, lubricators and regulators. Why so many devices you ask its simple – your air cylinders needs clean compressed air with a little bit of oil and of course appropriate pressure.

Filtering air for pneumatic cylinders

Air filters effectiveness is usually expressed in a unit known as micron. It represents the minimum size, in micrometers, of an object that will be captured by this filter. Everything smaller will get through. There are some industry branches that have special requirements, for example products designed for food processing factories have their own „food grade”. However most of industries do not have any special requirements and thus comply to requirements set by equipment manufacturer.

pneumatic cylinder

In case of pneumatic cylinders, since they cannot be considered as extremely sensitive devices, this number is about 50 micrometers.

Whats with that oil?

Most important thing to know about pneumatic cylinders is that its basically a piston inside a tube. Piston that has to move inside it. If it has to move it obviously needs lubrication. For that sole purpose it is recommended to install air lubricator before your air cylinders. There are also other devices that need lubrication, like air tools and even some valves. Lubricator simply releases so called oil mist to compressed air stream. It is generally recommended to use air lubrication before most of those devices.

Keep calm and lower your pressure

Since compressed air pressure is directly responsible for output force and speed of air cylinders it is important to pay attention to it. Too low pressure can cause cylinders not to work, or work to slow. To high pressure can cause some elements to burst or cause damage to seals. Most air cylinders can work up to pressure of 10 bar, but there are of course specific cylinders that can withstand much higher pressures. Of course while selecting cylinder it is important to perform some calculations about output force. Depending on their bore size (internal tube diameter) and pressure, cylinders can obtain different output forces. It is very important to calculate output based on some medium pressure value, so it can be easily increased any time.

At the end…

Remember air preparation is crucial and it cannot be ignored. If you want your cylinders to work long time and trouble – free always use air filter, air lubricator and air regulator.

There are many types of pneumatic cylinders, but its impossible to cover all of them here. It is also important to remember that at the end it is output force that really matters, and every pressure drop in pneumatic system will cause your cylinders to move slower and obtain smaller forces.

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Relationship Advice on I Want My Ex Back

A relationship is like a body of water. When people decide to be together, it is like two streams meeting and joining each other into a single river. Then, the river flows to all places on Earth and ends in the huge ocean. Two people in a relationship will grow and learn together.

They construct projects, face challenges, and be happy together. However, sometimes, just like a river that can separate into two streams again, two souls that used to be united can finally go their own way.

When it happens, it can be very painful, especially for the one being left. I was the one who had to witness my loved one taking her own way. Before that, it had been a perfect relationship. We were compatible in many ways and at every level. She was the most amazing person in my life and I was pretty sure she felt the same about me.

However, things went wrong and she is out of my reach now.

I believe that she is the love of my life and even if many people say that true love will return, I don’t want to leave my fate on chances. I know that I need to make some effort to get her back. I want my ex back so much that I would do anything to succeed. Here are some of the tips that I read on getting back an ex-girlfriend.

Examining the relationship

It always matters to remember who made the decision to split. If it was you, then it was clearly a bad decision if you regret it now. She still probably wants you, though. If it was her, then it is going to take a little more work.

If the decision is mutual, which is taken after a serious discussion, then it is going to take time and another long discussion to cancel the decision.
Examining what went wrong in the relationship is essential. It shouldn’t wait until things are over to be done, ideally. A relationship should be an ongoing discussion where changes and problems are continually discussed.


However, when it is late, and everything else is already really bad, it means we need to reflect even more.

One of the most common reasons for breaking up is that the two people in the relationship have grown apart. This is a valid reason, but underneath it all, it also has its own cause. Try to determine what went wrong that made you both grew farther apart.

Potential causes

When two people grow apart, it can be caused by a loss of attraction on one or both sides. If she leaves you, then maybe she has lost her interest in you as a romantic partner. This thing may sound hard, especially if occurs after years of quality relationship.

However, feelings do change.  It can wear out. Fortunately, it can also change for the better. Try to remember again what made her attracted in the first place. Surprise her with things. Be a better man.

Have a lot more self-confidence.

They could also have grown tired because we made a big mistake, or continually repeat small mistakes that they already told us about before. It is the small mistake that is not discussed that usually counts.

Small habit, small lies, and other everyday slips during our interaction can make them losing interest in us. Sometimes, it goes a different way. We continually obey all their requests and demands and they grow bored of us.

A relationship cannot work if one person dominates the other. It can probably be good to be submissive to avoid conflict, but it will never take the relationship to a deeper level. Their wishes will become paramount and then they can grow bored of having everything easy. Instead of acting like slaves, we should grow together equally.

Similarly, we should give them some space. Sometimes, love makes us like sick puppies that follow their masters everywhere. Women don’t like this. It makes them feel chained and constrained. Giving them some space will help them to create time to miss us.

It also shows our strength and confidence that we are indeed in love, but we are still complete human beings when we are alone. Who doesn’t love strength and confidence, in the end?

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How to Deal With the Termite Droppings in Different Parts of Your Home

When you have wooden furniture in home or office, most of the house owners are experiencing the problem of termite droppings if you don’t take care of it. For the wooden furniture and ceilings, it is highly necessary to take much care by using the pest control systems to increase their life.

Many types of termites are there to harm your furniture or any other wooden material. The termites are completely toxic to the woods and very dangerous to spoil their structure and life.

Understanding termites:

Scientifically, the termites have been rich in the magnesium content. When it comes to the higher amount of magnesium in the termites, they will make the nature of their droppings on the woods. The most common appearance of the termite dropping is basically depending on the involved species. When you are considering the subterranean termites, they will usually produce the poop in the form of liquid.

This liquid is frequently used by the subterranean termite with the admixture dirt, saliva, and also the debris in the different mud tubes construction. These constructions are very helpful to the species to easily move through the open spaces before entering into the food source.

They are as well as constructing the nests from their droppings by using their pop as the cement to deeply establishing within the wood sources.

Dry wood termite pellets:

Around the house, you may see the different types and colors of termite droppings at various instances. The light black, dark black, and the white color droppings are most commonly seen in the households according to the type of the termite species.

When it comes to the dry wood termite pellets, frass, or droppings, it will be in either one of colors mentioned above. They usually look like the coffee grounds mixed with the sand.

The magnified termite pellets basically contain the smooth shape of the Arborio rice but not the chippy shape of the pepper, salt, or the coffee ground. The fecal of the dry wood termite are very elongated, hard, and also less than 1/25 inch long.

They are basically not harmful and smelly. But it is better avoiding them from your home to improve the life of your wooden materials.

Termite droppings from ceiling – Similar to any other wooden materials and furniture in your residence, your wooden roof will also be vulnerable to the termites which can damage the structure of your ceiling and reduces its life.


Both the dry wood termites and the subterranean termites can be harmful to threaten the integrity and structure of your roof by giving droppings in almost all areas even around the fireplaces, bathrooms, and all.

• Generally, the dry wood termites live and also feed inside the wooden parts. They can able to set up the colonels inside the roof beams, ceiling rafters, eaves, and any other wood structures related with your home roof. They usually set up the colonels underneath the wood shingles.

• When it comes to the subterranean termite species, they are truly the super termites which are constructing the colonels to their major ground nest. The Formosan subterranean termites are usually larger and very destructive than the other termite species.

Where can termite droppings be found?

Finding the frass or dropping of the termites on your wooden surface or furniture will be difficult to find in different parts of your home.

• If you are visiting the basement or inner portion of the wooden furniture, ceilings, or any other wood material, it can be found there in several areas.
• When you have the wooden windows and doors, you should also take care of them to find the termite droppings and get rid of them to increase the life of your wooden items.
• If they are dry wood termite species, they are actually infamous for the building colony nests because they are in the eaves and sub-roofs of the dwellings.
• It is highly necessary to inspect several areas of your wooden materials, windows, doors, furniture, and wooden ceilings to find the availability of the droppings made by the termite species which are harmful to your wooden items.
• The infested areas of the termite will definitely reveal the infected regions via some of the signs like detached wings and droppings.

How to get rid of the termite droppings?

When you have found termite droppings in any parts of your home wooden furniture, it is highly necessary to immediately treat them to remove from the wooden materials. It will surely be very helpful to increase the lifetime of your wooden furniture, doors, windows, or the ceilings.

The termite might be small but creates huge damage to the woods. The worst thing about the termites will be very dangerous but they are the silent killers to your wooden materials. There are basically four common types of termites available such as;

• Dry wood termites
• Subterranean termites
• Formosan termites
• Damp wood termites

Whether you have found anyone of these types of termites in the wooden items of your home, you just need to make use of the following natural steps to get rid of the termites and improve the lifetime of your wooden materials.

There are both natural and chemical ways available to remove the termites from your wooden furniture, doors, and windows. But it is always better using the natural way to remove the termites in the harmless way to you.

• You can use the cardboard trap to get out the termites from your wooden materials naturally. The cardboard actually has the cellulose that the termites feed on. For setting this trap for the termites, you have to spray the cardboard so that the cellulose smell gets rid of the termites.
• Exposing the termites to the direct heat or sunlight is another way to kill them. The UV rays from the sunlight will be great to handle your termite problem in the wooden materials.
• Usage of boric acid is also very helpful to get rid of the termites from your wooden items.

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